UBWG 5 Years, Typo Poster and Animation
3D Typography and Motion Graphic for UBWG, news site for electro music and club scene in Switzerland. Event trailer, poster, t-shirt and bag were part of the job
Girl in the Clouds: 2D-Animation Movie
A girl is fishing at a lake. When she gets something heavy on the fishing pole, the cord tears, but she doesn't give up.
Album Cover: Super Smash Brother - Jungbrunnen
Super Smash Brothers second album "fountain of youth" is an EP which contains 5 Tracks.
Ian Pooley: Event-Trailer and Advertising
Ian Pooley trailer and flyer for a Dreiklang event at Hinterhof Bar Basel.
Mathew Jonson: Event-Trailer and Advertising
Poster, Flyer and Motion Design for techno party with Mathew Jonson at Hinterhof Club Basel.
Nathan Fake: Event-Trailer and Advertising
Poster and Motion Graphic for the Nathan Fake party at Hinterhof Club Basel.
2D Animation: Lost in the snow
A 2D animation movie about a tourist who lost his map in the mountains. What a nightmare. The movie was featured at the oneminute film festival in Aarau.
Afterburner Party 2014
Campaign including Motion Graphic Trailer and many different formats like posters, flyer …
Afterburner Party 2013
Visual concept for the afterparty of freestyle.ch. Including flyer, poster, flash webbanner, signalation, trailer, logo design and ads …
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