UBWG 5 Years, Typo Poster and Animation
3D Typography and Motion Graphic for UBWG, news site for electro music and club scene in Switzerland. Event trailer, poster, t-shirt and bag were part of the job
Album Cover: Super Smash Brother - Jungbrunnen
Super Smash Brothers second album "fountain of youth" is an EP which contains 5 Tracks.
Album Cover: Super Smash Brother - After the Moon
Album Cover for the new LP from Super Smash Brother, After the Moon. A music style with calm sounds and though rough beats. Free Album download from soundcloud …
Ian Pooley: Event-Trailer and Advertising
Ian Pooley trailer and flyer for a Dreiklang event at Hinterhof Bar Basel.
Mathew Jonson: Event-Trailer and Advertising
Poster, Flyer and Motion Design for techno party with Mathew Jonson at Hinterhof Club Basel.
Nathan Fake: Event-Trailer and Advertising
Poster and Motion Graphic for the Nathan Fake party at Hinterhof Club Basel.
Afterburner Party 2014
Campaign including Motion Graphic Trailer and many different formats like posters, flyer …
Afterburner Party 2013
Visual concept for the afterparty of freestyle.ch. Including flyer, poster, flash webbanner, signalation, trailer, logo design and ads …
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